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I live in a 2 story house. I very rarely got up stairs. In order to make more money I have decided to do some remodeling and make the top floor a 2 bedroom apartment. I will be adding more info and photos as the project progresses.
See More Photos Here.
2nd Floor Plans
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If anyone has questions about how to get started on your own business or personal website I would be happy to help you get started.
If you need hosting for your website I will give you 4 months free when you signup for 1 years service. Refer a friend and I will give you 1 month free! Click on the Email Me link below and I will set you up.
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It has happened once again! Our Federal Government has decided what is Best for us. They are telling us what we can and cant eat, what car to buy, and even what light bulb to use. Now they are telling us we cant see the Bin Laden photos. They think we are too stupid to make our own discussions.  I guess to a point they are right. We were stupid enough to elect them in the first place.
Its time for a "CHANGE"  Lets make OBOMA a 1 TERM PRESIDENT!
  Greeting Earthlings!  
  When I was a boy many years age I was introduced to Science Fiction when the (Not so popular  the time) TV series Star Trek first aired. Each week I eagerly anticipated the next episode. Afternoon after school I would go out and play in the yard until Star Trek came on. It was my Mothers duty to call me inside when the show was about to start. There was one occasion that she forgot.
Me and my fateful companion a Pug named Batman would spend time together watching TV. At the time we had a black and white Television. We did eventually get a color TV so I did not have to suffer long watching Star Trek in B/W.
Thank you for visiting my humble website. As you might have guessed by now this website is about me. That is my likes, loves, and dislikes. I love watching Movies and Television (Mostly Sci-fi). I enjoy creating websites and graphics design. Other interest of mine are History, Photography, and Politics.
This website contains a broad range of information. There is something for everyone. I will try and update as often as I can so please return soon and often.
  Yes I am a Trekker  
  Don't laugh at my photo or I will stun you with my phaser! this is what I look like today. quite a change from the boy I was (See photo above). A lot of things have changed in the star trek universe over the 50 years I have been on this planet. Special effects have changed a lot. from star ship models attached to strings to computer animated graphics, and toggle switches to
touch screens. one can only imagine what the next 10 years has for us in movie making magic. Perhaps holo deck technology isn't such a far out idea after all.
Do you know the difference Between a trekker and a trekkie? This has been a controversy for many years. In 1991 Leonard Nimoy attempted to settle this issue by stating that Trekker was more preferred term. Later in 2009 while talking about the new Star Trek movie slipped and used the term Trekkie before correcting himself. Trekkies are considered to be weird and Trekkers more Nerdy.
in 1967 science fiction editor Arthur W. Saha first applied the term Trekkie when he saw fans of the original series wearing pointy ears at a sci-fi convention. A December 1986 Newsweek article depicted Trekkies as socially maladjusted "kooks" and "crazies". This caused many of the Star Trek fans to hide their devotion. In elementary school 1971 I had a friend  named James who would fit the profile as a trekkie. He bought everything Star Trek that they sold and brought them to school. The other kids made fun of him and he even went as far as destroying some of his Star Trek possessions until I stopped him.
Dont get me wrong My love of star trek was no less than my friend James, but I did not go out and spend all of my money on all the new Star Trek Collectables. To take an example from popular comedian Jeff Foxworthy you might be a Trekkie if you have NCC 1701 painted on the side of your car.
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